What breed of dog is in the flash advert

Flash Dog Advert a-ah, Savior of the Universe

What sort of dog is that in the Flash Advert?

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  1. Just gorgeous love all of the differing breeds. I however reckon it is a labradoodle. Brilliant advert & of course a gorgeous dog. The fact looks the spit of mine has nothing to do with it!!!!!!!!

  2. It is definitely a Tibetan Terrier ( Tsang Appso) . I have two and the one in the advert could be the twin of my Toffee, just slightly lighter colour. Even the tail is a Tibetans.

    Not a cockerpoo. They don’t have a plumed tail , just a curved one. Labraddoodles are lot bigger

  3. He is the spit-n-image of my cockapoo who does have a plumed tail, which I have cultivated for many years by not having it trimmed when she is groomed. Gorgeous dog, definitely a cockapoo.

  4. CGI? My bottom! Without a single shadow of a doubt he’s a Goldendoodle – the living spit of our Albie, even down to the mud!

  5. I think he’s very like my dog who is a cockapoo but he is a lot taller than mine,really think he’s a Frankenstein breed,still not sure though cause he is almost the same as mine only mine is smaller and chocolate brown.

  6. I think the size of the dog, it must be a labradoodle or possibly a Cockerpoo but whatever he/she is gorgeous and I want one. This ad is pure genious what brilliance.

  7. He is a Labradoodle (standard poodle) any one who thinks he is a cockerpoo or a dog a similar size must have a very small TV!

  8. This dog is a golden retriever/poodle cross. You can tell by the size and the tail. I should know as everyone looks at my Golden Doodle and says ‘Its’s the Flash dog’

  9. I love the advert it’s my favourite and it’s very clever. I think the dog is beautiful and cute. I thought it was a Malta cross as my nephew has one. I do notike the Guardian news paper comments on this advert. Where is the journalist sense humerus and how can he t think the advert is very clever and the dog is cute. I also a great fan of Queen and met Freddie Mercury in party of a friend I worked with. He was a very nice guy. I think he would love the advert and be honored. I a great dog lover and have a Bicton Frisk who my darling angel boy.

  10. This is definitely an Irish Doodle. Cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle. It’s the image of my son’s Irish Doodle Jessie!

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