What breed of dog is in the flash advert

Prevent Alabama Rot With the Muddi 15 Portable Dog Shower

The Muddi 15 Portable Dog Shower is ideal for hosing down your dogs after long muddy walks.

With the increase in Alabama Rot cases showing no signs of slowing down it is thought that it is important to clean your dogs after they become muddy and this Low pressure dog washer which is powered by a 12v car adapter/outlet appears to be the ideal solution

White Mud Help Combat Alabama Rot

The Muddi 15 is a portable low pressure shower designed primarily for keeping your dogs clean after muddy walks.

To help with the campaign to beat Alabama Rot White Mud are offering a 10% discount on the Muddi 15 portable dog wash – See this page foe further information – Prevent the Spread of Alabama Rot with the Muddi 15 Portable Dog Washer

Dog cleaning after long muddy walks has never been simpler, connect your Portable shower for dogs adjust the nozzle and pressure and give your dog a good wash down before loading him back in your car

A mobile Dog cleaning machine powered by a 12v car adapter/outlet used as a Portable shower for dogs.

Portable Dog Shower Portable Pressure washer for dogs

A mobile Dog cleaning machine powered by a 12v car adapter/outlet used as a Portable shower for dogs.

Flash Dog Advert a-ah, Savior of the Universe

What sort of dog is that in the Flash Advert?

40 Replies to “Flash Dog Advert”

  1. Just gorgeous love all of the differing breeds. I however reckon it is a labradoodle. Brilliant advert & of course a gorgeous dog. The fact looks the spit of mine has nothing to do with it!!!!!!!!

  2. It is definitely a Tibetan Terrier ( Tsang Appso) . I have two and the one in the advert could be the twin of my Toffee, just slightly lighter colour. Even the tail is a Tibetans.

    Not a cockerpoo. They don’t have a plumed tail , just a curved one. Labraddoodles are lot bigger

  3. He is the spit-n-image of my cockapoo who does have a plumed tail, which I have cultivated for many years by not having it trimmed when she is groomed. Gorgeous dog, definitely a cockapoo.

  4. CGI? My bottom! Without a single shadow of a doubt he’s a Goldendoodle – the living spit of our Albie, even down to the mud!

  5. I think he’s very like my dog who is a cockapoo but he is a lot taller than mine,really think he’s a Frankenstein breed,still not sure though cause he is almost the same as mine only mine is smaller and chocolate brown.

  6. I think the size of the dog, it must be a labradoodle or possibly a Cockerpoo but whatever he/she is gorgeous and I want one. This ad is pure genious what brilliance.

  7. He is a Labradoodle (standard poodle) any one who thinks he is a cockerpoo or a dog a similar size must have a very small TV!

  8. This dog is a golden retriever/poodle cross. You can tell by the size and the tail. I should know as everyone looks at my Golden Doodle and says ‘Its’s the Flash dog’

  9. I love the advert it’s my favourite and it’s very clever. I think the dog is beautiful and cute. I thought it was a Malta cross as my nephew has one. I do notike the Guardian news paper comments on this advert. Where is the journalist sense humerus and how can he t think the advert is very clever and the dog is cute. I also a great fan of Queen and met Freddie Mercury in party of a friend I worked with. He was a very nice guy. I think he would love the advert and be honored. I a great dog lover and have a Bicton Frisk who my darling angel boy.

  10. This is definitely an Irish Doodle. Cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle. It’s the image of my son’s Irish Doodle Jessie!

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