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Nationwide Poetry Advert Poem ‘Little Things’ by poet and mum Hollie McNish

What a breath of fresh air that was – The Nationwide Building Society Poem Advert during the X Factor adverts.

This is so good – Even when watching the video with the sound switched off it brings a lump to your throat.

Perfect – A lovely pause of nothingness at the end of the video too that made it complete.

Does anyone know anything more about these Nationwide ads?
It looks like there could be a series of them but this is the 1st one I have seen.


Voices Nationwide

It appears to be part of the Voices Nationwide campaign.

Follow link to see more of the Nationwide Poetry Videos »

Great stuff from Hollie here on Amazon

Nobody Told Me: Poetry and Parenthood – Paperback

Papers by Hollie McNish – Paperback

Cherry Pie by Hollie McNish – Paperback

Versus by Hollie McNish – Audio CD

Hollie McNish on BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour

Becoming a Mother: A Hot Cup of Tea with Hollie McNish – BBC

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15 Replies to “Nationwide Poetry Advert Nationwide Poem Advert”

  1. what a great poem, as a parent and now grandparent it bring all the memories back to when my two children where growing up, all the hard times and great times we had.
    and now having more time to do it with our beautiful granddaughter ,
    just watching our daughter cope with all the pressure and pains of being a lone parent, all the stress of life and even death.
    we all still learn even now and its all about having a strong family, if your lucky to be part of one and benefit from their help, love and support.
    all those special moments, videos and pictures, life is great and my family even greater.

  2. Has Hollie McNish published her poetry, specifically the poem featured on the Nationwide Ad, ‘Little Things’? As new Grandmother I would like to buy a copy of her work for my Daughter.

  3. I totally loved the one about the key as featured in the Nationwide advert. I’d love the words to it – can anyone provide? I’ve just spotted her books on Amazon as mentioned above – they’ll get a looky look. Hubby excelled himself by buying me a Leonard Cohen handbag sized book of poetry and songs – so I’m on a literary high at the minute. Looking forward to checking out Hollie now.

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